Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watches crafted from reclaimed planks


Conceived in Italy but based in L.A., WeWood watches combine European craftsmanship with sustainably-minded materials to reinvent the average wristwatch—in wood.

The budding brand offers up a line of tasteful Miyota-movement timepieces crafted from several varieties of Maple, Guaiaco (an indigenous South American tree) and Red Wing Celtis, with all materials reclaimed from unused flooring scraps. Devoid of toxic chemicals as well as any colored stains, the natural shades and grains of the different wood types shine through for an organic take on oft-metallic or plastic watches

get it here:


  1. Sweet watches. I wonder how they feel, cause they look like they might feel cheap.

  2. I think they look awesome although I have to wonder about the pins between each link section. Are they metal? I fear wooden ones would cause them to break too easily.

  3. That's actually really cool. Too bad wood isn't as durable as metal, I bet it would wear down really fast.